Q: Are your spices Vegan or Vegetarian?

A: Yes. I only use vegan ingredients.  

Q: Do you use recyclable or biodegradable packaging?

A: I want to. Unfortunately, the technology is not there yet. In order to be compliant with regulations, the packaging has to have a stable shelf life and have a close valve. Currently our spice bags are made with craft paper and contain a plastic close valve. I don't want to use glass, because the environmental impact to recycling of the glass products would cause more ecological damage than craft paper bags. These can be placed in the landfill waste disposal with a short decomposition cycle. My goal is to eventually find a supplier who can use a double-recycle process and create recyclable packaging that is also made with post-consumer materials, but it doesn't currently exist (sustainably). If you know of anyone who can help me, please email me rita@cheekyspices.com


Q: Are your spices produced in an allergen-free facility?

A: Yes. I work with Total Food Package  - a Spring Lake, Michigan manufacturer who runs an allergen-free facility. My spices are nut, egg, dairy, gluten, GMO and allium free. 

Q: Are your spices FODMAPs safe?

A: My spice mixes meet all of the FODMAPs ingredient requirements. My spices are Nut, Gluten, Dairy, Sugar and Allium free. The mixes are produced in an allergen free facility. However, the co-packer I work with does work with other brands who use garlic and onion. The equipment is washed between each process (an equivalent of changing gloves and sanitizing counters between each meal), so the risk of cross-contamination is very low, but if you are concerned - better safe than sorry. When I was first diagnosed with IBS, I couldn't have any alliums in my diet so I completely understand the desire to err on the side of caution. 


Q: Are your spices organic?

A: Not yet. I source from all over the world, which does not always allow for organic product availability. I am always looking for better options and hope to, one day, as we grow, have my own relationships with fair-trade, organic suppliers.

Q: Are your spices single-origin?

A: Not yet. I work with wholesale distributors who strive to carry single origin, fair trade spices, but I don't yet have direct relationships with growers. That is the next step. 

Q: What is your return policy?

A: I want you to love your Cheeky Spices dish! But tastes vary and if you didn't like any of our mixes - no problem. We make it easy to refund or exchange your item - simply email orders@cheekyspices.com for store credit towards a different spice mix or get your order refunded. No need to ship it back. Keep the original purchase and we'll send you an additional item for free.  

Q: Do your spice blends contain sesame?

A: Yes. The Silk Road spice blend contains sesame seeds.  

Q: Do your spice blends contain anti-caking ingredients or other preservatives?

A: No. There are no anti-caking agents or preservatives in the spice blends.