Cheeky Spices reaches a first milestone on Kickstarter

Hey backers, 

So excited to share that the project is taking off. We've reached our first 1,000 in funding and I am really hopeful and optimistic that we can keep going to reach our goal!!! Here is an easy weeknight curry recipe to thank you all for your amazing efforts (click the image to follow the link)! 

Lamb Curry Recipe


For a while now I have been having some trouble finding all the ingredients with any one supplier. Purchasing from just one supplier would give me a stronger buying position and it's simply less of a headache. But, since the ingredients I blend are not commonly used in casual cooking, it's been a bit of a challenge. So, my good news is that I partnered up with Mexican Specialty Foods right here in Southfield, Michigan and they carry everything I need! This is great because, in addition to increasing my buying power (and reducing headache), Cheeky Spices is drastically reducing the ecological footprint of the brand by staying local and staying true to the ultimate goal of the Tripple Bottom Line. 

I also wanted to share that I am seeing a rise in orders for Father's Day. If nothing else, I'm so excited to see the Cheeky Brand beginning to grow and gain some traction in the market. For a bootstrapping brand, this is a great start!  

In case you are curious as to how I am filling the orders - I am hand blending and packing the pre-production orders into these really cute bottles for father's day. If you are thinking about getting one as a gift for the fathers in your life, please go to www.cheekyspices.com to order. My shipping times are around 7 days right now, so we are getting pretty close. 

Cheeky Spices Hand-Blended


As you know, the Kickstarter campaigns are all or nothing, so I literally don't sleep at night thinking of new ways to bring more backers into the project. 

So, I was thinking... if everyone was to share the project through their social media channels and tagged 10 people, that 250 people who would be learning about Cheeky and could, potentially, back this project. 

So, if you share the Kickstarter link on your social media with a hashtag #cheekytribe and tag 10 friends, I will enter you into a drawing for a spice rack. I know it's not a million-dollar sweepstake, but hey, it would come in so handy as a gift for father's day! 


I could never have gotten this far without you guys. Every day I wake up with this amazing feeling in my heart, knowing that you believe in me and my project and it makes me so happy. Thank you for your support! It means the world to me. 


Rita Shelley, CEO

Cheeky Spices