Cheeky Spices gets funded by Kiva

Dear lenders,

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my project would be met with such resounding support. But after only 6 days of public funding, my loan is 100% funded!

I want you to know that your support means everything to me. The lingering doubts of "will I be good enough?", the inevitable worries of "will people like my products?", the scary thoughts of "is there really a market" are soothed and put to rest by your generous support.

I am in your debt.

Not only the debt that I will start repaying in 6 months' time but in debt of your graciousness and support. You paid it forward and now it's my turn to pay it back. I will not disappoint you.

I wanted to share some great news - I am now an accepted vendor at Meijer and your contributions will help me launch a dedicated blend for their Capital Market stores which are launching in September. I have a buyer review lined up at Busch's as soon as the products come off the production line. Look out for my tasty blends in these and other locations in my beautiful home state of Michigan, where these spices are made.

For those of you in the United States who are not in Michigan, you can also buy my products at www.cheekyspices.com. Please note that for now, I am shipping them in glass jars, but the beautiful pouches you just funded will be available by Mid June.

As the next step, I will make my products available on Amazon marketplace and will continue my outreach to local Michigan buyers. If you have a location in mind you'd like me to pitch my products to, please don't hesitate to email me at rita@cheekyspices.com.

Rita Shelley
Owner of Cheeky Spices