Back to School Gifts for Busy Parents during the COVID protocols

​While we all want to go back to business as usual, the truth is that the new school schedules are going to throw families for a major loop. No matter how you slice it, the COVID mandates are going to continue to mess with schedules and planning to have a family meal together during weeknights will become a real challenge. 
That's why I am hoping you will consider stocking up on Cheeky Spices as part of your back to school shopping list: 

Inspired by the best dinner recipes from across the world, ​Cheeky Spices​ blends are chock-full of mouth-watering flavors that don't contain allergens. 

Made with quality all-natural ingredients, Cheeky Spices are produced in an allergen-free facility without nuts, dairy, gluten, or alliums to protect the digestive tract. They are free of GMOs and will appeal equally to Keto, Paleo, Diabetic, and other health-conscious readers, as well as busy moms. 

For under $1.00 per meal, The Herbalist will pair up wonderfully with different varieties of root vegetables, and Lady Liberty and The Silk Road will spice up protein-based meals for a delicious, home-cooked dinner in under 20 minutes. ​Even my picky 9-year-old loves these flavors! ​


​Readers can find delicious recipes and Learn more about Cheeky Spices at www.cheekyspices.com $8.00 each with free shipping over $20.00 within the US.


thank you so much




Rita Shelley, CEO