Ann Arbor Spice Brand Successfully Launches Amidst the COVID Pandemic

Detroit, MI July 28, 2020 - Cheeky Spices - the industry pioneer of delicious, allergen-free spice blends launched its new line of products aimed at online sales and retail distribution. 

Inspired by the best dinner recipes from across the world, Cheeky Spice blends are chock-full of mouth-watering flavors that don't contain allergens. 

Health-focused eaters and foodies alike will enjoy Cheeky Spices’ unique blend of ingredients that lend themselves to any protein or vegetable-based dish for a quick and delicious dinner in under 20 minutes. 

A big milestone for Cheeky Spices is the completion of the first commercially produced batch of spices by Total Food Package in Spring Lake, MI. The spice blends will be available online, in Meijer Market Format stores and in local Ann Arbor stores. 

“The successful launch of Cheeky during the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic is a testament to the excellence of Michigan small businesses working together to overcome these difficult times,” said Rita Shelley, CEO and founder of Cheeky Spices. “I am deeply grateful to our partners at the Product Center at Michigan State University, the Detroit Kiva loans team, and Total Food Packaging for giving us the tools to succeed, despite the unprecedented pandemic.”

About Cheeky Spices

Cheeky Spices, LLC is an Ann Arbor start-up that produces delicious restaurant-quality spice blends free of the main digestive tract irritants. 

Made with quality, natural ingredients, Cheeky Spices are produced in an allergen-free facility in Spring Lake, MI without nuts, dairy, gluten, or alliums to protect the digestive tract.

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